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Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Tired Mama

Today was the first day of my 16-hour schedule.  OMG!  I wanted to maximize my time and be more productive so I decided to schedule every hour of my day.  My days nsw begin with meditation and pumping (don't forget I have a 4-month-old).   And days end with baths and storytime.  Well my day began as planned but William and Joshua were not very cooperative this afternoon and my schedule was totally thrown off. (Side note: Now you see why I made the childcare suggestion). Needless to say, I have decided to shower in the morning.
I must say that I got a lot accomplished. But I am TIRED! I worked on two of my businesses, cleaned, cooked dinner and looked in another potential business (though I planned for 3). And that is only a few things I did today.  So I'm headed to bed tonight so I'll be rested for my 16-hour week day.  I'l let you guys how things are going in another week.  Please forgive any typos as I type this post from my phone while in bed with one eye open.
Until my next post, I wish you peace, patience and prorsperity.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 More Myths About Working from Home

Check out the first three myths here.

MYTH 4: The house will be sparkling clean now that you're working from home.

The reality is that the dirty dishes you left in the sink at breakfast will most likely be waiting for you come dinnertime. The time really flies once you get in the zone.  Truth be told, you will even wonder if you showered that morning or the night before.  This is were your schedule comes in (see Myth 6)  You must schedule in time to do housework if you can't afford a cleaning service.

MYTH 5: Working from home will be a breeze.
In many ways, telecommuting makes life a lot easier. It eliminates the time (and expense) of a commute. But working from home requires an extensive amount of self-discipline. Unlike working in a traditional office where your boss could check up on you (and keep you in check), you'll need to be highly organized, motivated and focused in order to successfully work from home.

MYTH 6: You'll love the peace and quiet of working independently.
At first, being able to work quickly and quietly without incessant interruptions from chatty colleagues will seem like a dream. But also take into consideration,  the sound of your little ones if you can't/won't have After a few weeks, though, you'll find yourself running to the supermarket just so you can chat up the produce guy or any adult you can find.  While working alone can be peaceful, it can also be isolating and lonely.  So consider how you will combat this.

Comment below with any other myths I may have forgotten.

Until next time, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

3 Myths About Working from Home

True story: Whenever I tell a work-away-from-home mom that my kids are home with me, they always say "Must be nice" or "I wish I could" That drives me nuts!!!!! Like everything, it has its pros and cons.

They have NO idea. Neither did I when I taught high school and wanted to be home with first son.  So I thought I'd use entry to debunk some of those work-from-home myths.

MYTH 1: You get to spend more time with your kids
You do spend more time with your kids but that also means you spend ALL of your time with your kids.  Though you get to really learn your kids' personalities and see their growth,  you also have to create a work schedule around those little personalities.  If you can, I suggest getting a sitter a few hours a day to get those crucial work tasks done.  You can also designate one day as a "serious work day" where you complete those major tasks for the week including any meetings, errands, phone calls, etc.  You can utilize a drop-in daycare. (I do).  You can have work-from-home job and be with your kids but, as you can see, it requires a schedule.

MYTH 2:  You have to be a salesperson to be successful
Home-based businesses come in all sizes, shapes, and flavors. While plenty of home-based sales opportunities exist — selling cosmetics and telemarketing, for example — that kind is just a small percentage of the entire universe of home-based businesses. Consider the following nonsales businesses and careers that can be done from home:
  • Accountant
  • Organic farmer
  • Caterer
  • Personal fitness trainer
  • Income tax preparer
  • Web site designer
In each case, you could build a successful business with little or no sales experience.  But you still must market your business.  Remember that there is a difference between marketing and selling.  Marketing is simply spreading the word about your service/product, which is crucial to every business.  Selling is convincing someone that they should pay for your product/service.  By doing great work or creating the best products, your first customers will tell their friends and associates, who will then tell their friends and associates.

MYTH 3: Work-from-home jobs that aren't free are scams
I know someone who went to work for American Express from home for $10 an hour with the chance to advance to $13. Not only was she chained to her desk from 6AM til 11PM at night sometimes, but she needed to install a landline, have a specific speed on her computer and a headset. So she ended up spending $150 to set that up.  She basically worked for free for two days.   With ANY at-home job, there are expenses for set up.

One of the companies I currently work for only requires a one-time set-up fee of $25 (sometimes less).  We have NO special equipment expenses and our start up cost actually gets you some cool stuff to try out and some to keep like Baby Einstein for $6.  I work for another company that has a one-time cost of $8.

I have a few other myths to discuss so until my next post, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Waiting for Perfect

If I only I had an extra $20 but...
When I get a tax refund, I will...
I have to wait until next month, then...
I thought about it but...

Since I work on Facebook, I often hear people's complaints of their financial whoas.  They contact me expressing their concerns for more money.  I hear about their living-paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyles. I meet the single moms or psuedo-single moms who have kids who they would like to stay home with.  I meet wives whose husbands are working so very hard to provide for their families but it just isn't enough.  I hear the stories of the mountains of debt they would LOVE to pay off.

They all come to me because they have seen that I get results and ask how they can do what I do on Facebook.  How they can work online and help out their husbands and/or provide for their families.  But once I provide them with the information, they decide to stay stuck. They say:

  • If I only I had an extra $20 but...
  • When I get a tax refund, I will...
  • I have to wait until next month, then...
  • It sounds good but...
  • I have tons to do now, so I'll start in a few...

They decide to stay stuck in poverty.  An yes, it is a decision to be stuck in poverty.  You can either wait for perfect conditions or you can make moves to make your own perfect conditions.  Thus, whenever someone gives me their decision to remain poor, I don't push.  And even though I could pull ott my tools for overcoming their objections, I don't.

I have learned that poverty is a mindset, not a place.  As long as someone chooses to be poor, I can't help them.  Even if they decide to get started but have not fully committed to get unstuck, then they will quit and  will continue to be stuck. They will not put all that they can into making the necessary moves to get out of their predicament.

My only reply "This is probably not a good fit for you.  Best of luck to you." I would rather them be someone's awesome 'E' than a mediocre 'S'.  If you're considering of working online or becoming an entrepreneur,  my only suggestion is to start thinking like one.  You have to create the life you want and believe you can achieve it.  Stop waiting for opportunity because it will NEVER come.  You have to find it.

Until next time, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Readers' Choice

Tag you're it.  Comment below and let me know the topics you would like to read about here.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Must-Haves of a Successful Entrepreneur

If you read my post on the Cashflow Quadrant, then you are familiar with the four different types of people.  If you recall, the major difference between employees and specialists/small business owners is that specialists/small business owners OWN a job.  We don't have a boss who pays off.  We are our own bosses and we pay ourselves.  At times, this is a blessing and a curse.  And this is why you need two things to be successful: determination and support.

If you are not a go-getter, either you soon become one or you will give up. As a specialist/small business owner, you are responsible for everything- marketing, customer relations, social media relations, bookkeeping, etc.  And there are no paid off days.  Days that you don't work equals days you don't make money and in some cases, lose money. Consequently, you need to be pushing and making moves ALL THE TIME.

When there are days that you feel like you can't go any further (and you will have those days), you need your support team. It is also essential that your spouse/significant other is in your corner because sometimes they are the only ones who know exactly what to say or do to get you back on track.  It is so important that your person is on board that I would say that you may want to reconsider your business venture if they don't believe in it.  When you person is not in your corner for Day 1, then they will be a no-show when you have those tough days.  They may even encourage you to quit. And if you don't have an incredible amount of determination, you'll have two battles to fight: one with yourself and the other with your spouse.

I do not intend to discourage you from owning your job.  I just want to prepare you.  I don't want to paint the picture that life in the (S) quadrant is all beautiful.  In fact, it may be downright ugly.  But it does has its rewards.  Before you make any moves, I encourage you to consider if you have these two essential pieces of this entrepreneurial puzzle.  And if you don't, work on that.

Until my next post, I wish you peace patience and prosperity.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Facebook Marketing for Mompreneurs 101: Nine Reasons You Should be Using FB Infiltrator for Your Business

  1. No technical knowledge needed to use app
  2. Eye-catching opt-in and landing pages on your Fanpage and Newsfeed.
  3. Professional "Buy Now" buttons to make sales in the Newsfeed.
  4. App compatible with groups, pages and profiles
  5. Cheap one-time cost and NO monthly fees
  6. Attractive coupon templates to promote local businesses
  7. Customer can do everything from Facebook which yields higher possibility of conversion
  8. Easy-to-use dashboard to monitor effectiveness of campaign 
Click here to start using FB Infiltrator

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facebook Marketing for Mompreneurs 101: Facebook Marketing Secrets

FB Streamlines Billing for Advertisers (Repost)

Facebook began a test last October I n which it offered advertisers the option of being billed when they reached their billing thresholds or on the last day of each month, whichever came first, rather than being billed as often as every day. The social network officially announced the rollout of the feature in a Facebook for Business post Tuesday.

The new feature was introduced as follows:
  • As part of our ongoing simplification efforts, we’re streamlining the billing schedule for advertisers on Facebook. Instead of being billed every day, advertisers will now be billed when they reach certain billing thresholds, and/or at the end of the month.
  • Billing thresholds are set based on how much you’ve paid in the past. For example, if you are a first-time advertiser on Facebook, you will be billed once you reach $25, or if you reach the end of the month. After that first payment, you’ll be billed in $25 increments, or when you reach the end of the month.
  • As you spend more, your billing threshold will continue to increase up to $2,500 as you make successful payments. You can check your current billing threshold in the billing tab of your Ads Manager
  • If you spend more than $2,500 per day and would like a higher threshold, you can request an increased threshold by filling out this form
  • Threshold billing will roll out gradually to accounts spending in U.S. dollars in the coming weeks, with other currencies following in the near future. To learn more, visit the Help Center
Earlier this month, Facebook began allowing Ads Manager users to download all of their monthly invoices.

Posted by David Cohen on February 18, 2014.

If you would help with advertising on Facebook, feel free to contact me concerning my Facebook marketing consultancy services or check out this helpful tool to get you started.

Until next time, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

I apologize...but not really

Hey guys

I have been MIA for the last 3 days, so I guess I owe you 3 posts today.  It may be a little tigtt today but I will definitely get it done. My new philosophy in life is “If I can’t I must! If I can, I will! Failure is not an option!” I recently attended a class in which the instructor, Gregory Downing, gave us a list of what he called business plan agreements that included this agreement/affirmation. And even though getting 3 posts out today seems almost impossible, I most definitely will! That's why I don't really apologize; I'm making up for it today.

Another reason, I don't really apologize is because I've been spending some quality time with the hubster. This past weekend, we had the opportunity to lay the ground work for a potential stream of income. Though we have our individual business ventures, we believe in this business as it encompasses our family values and it is a business venture that we can build together. We're extremely excited about this.

Not only did we embark on a new business venture this weekend, but we also spent some quality time together. My husband works a lot so there are days when we may only spend a few waking minutes together. And believe me. I would miss 2 months of blog posts if I had to chose between spending time with him or blogging. Spending quality time with your spouse is really important in a marriage. Speaking on the phone is great but there is NOTHING like being in their presence.

As a matter of fact, close this blog window and go cuddle up with that special someone. You can read this blog another tomorrow morning. Before you go, check out my handsome husband below. Comment below if you would like to book him for a shoot.

Until next time, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Friday, February 14, 2014

What Side of the Equation are You on?

Robert Kiyosaki Cash Flow Quadrant
Today, my husband and I had the opportunity of begin a 3-day intensive Rich Dad training.  Rich Dad is an enterprise comprised of financial workshops, webinars, trainings, and mentorships.  If you have any desire to be totally debt free AND financially free (yes there is a difference) then it is imperative you attend these trainings.

The basis of all trainings is the concept the company's founder, Robert Kiyosaki, created called The CASHFLOW Quadrant (see diagram above). According to Kiyosaki, there are four different types of people in business.  In order to eventually become debt free and financially free, you must first understand where you are on the quadrant and understand that you cannot stay where you are and gain freedom; you MUST move.

Divide the quadrant into left and right and you will see that the persons on the left are the workers and the right side are the bosses.  Ninety-five percent of the population is comprised of the workers and five percent of the population is comprised if the bosses,   The employees are the folks with a 'D' mindset and our self-employed person are our 'A' mindset folks.  Essentially, they do the same thing, they exchange their time for money.  The only main difference is that employees have jobs and the self-employed own their jobs.  In other words, the self-employed are not waiting for so one to create or take away their jobs.  They do NOT have people telling them to risk their lives for money.  This is where employees should aspire to be.  Now the self-employed, like myself, should aspire to become a partof the right side of the quadrant and own more than just their jobs.  This is where you'll find your 'C' student.

Instead, they own businesses and money.  This is how you begin to create wealth. You grow and aspire for more.  As a big business owner, you no longer own a job, you own other people's jobs and  proven systems like McDonalds franchises or MLM businesses.  As a big business owner, you have the opportunity to hire those 'A' students so thar you can become an investor where your money controls all the other quadrants and creates an income for you.    

So which side of the equation would you rather be on: the side that exchanges time for money or the side that exchanges other people's time, talents, money and knowledge for money?

Subscribe to this blog if you are ready to migrate to a different quadrant and begin a journey to financial freedom.

Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Like, Comment, Share

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not going to happen this time: Lessons from Atlanta's stranded snow survivors

Though there are many lessons to be learned from the Atlanta snowpocalypses Leon and Pax, the most important one is to have a Plan B (and C) for creating income for yourself and your family. I only pray that everyone affected had enough money to adequately prepare for this storm.  I also pray that no one was forced to choose between life and making a living this week.

If you are snowed in today, have a 'C' mindset or truly want a 'C' mindset and need a plan B for snowy days like today, take the first step to start working from home/ online via social media today.  Click here for information on how to get started.  Again, 'D' students need not apply. McDonalds is still hiring.

**Do not click above if you are only curious..  If you are not determined to work and win TODAY, then wait until you are.  This saves both of us time and money.**

My day is pretty full today but I am always willing to make time for anyone who is willing to work today.  I can't wait to meet and chat with you today.  So let's go.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Facebook Marketing for Mompreneurs 101: Facebook Business Pages

 Hi mompreneurs and aspiring mompreneurs

Yes, I'm still harping on getting a Facebook page because I know you haven't gotten one... or have you?  If you still need a little more convincing, here are more reasons why you need a Facebook business page from Beverly Spears' "Reasons Why Your Business Needs a FaceBook Page":

1. Search Engine Optimization has become totally intertwined with social media. A business page’s Facebook EdgeRank , the analytic tool for FaceBook exposure, is another factor in making sure your name and content appear when people search for you or your service. Statistics reveal that businesses receive a 185% increase in website traffic when they have more than 1,000 fans (LIKES).

2. Facebook is the largest Social Media Channel as far as number of users and time people spend on it. The estimated 955 million active users spend an average of 6 1/2 hours per month on Facebook. 50% of smartphones are actually connecting to Facebook every hour of every day.

3. The ability to use the many apps available to promote events and market products and services. I think the most significant app is one that allows you to offer newsletter sign-ups right on Facebook . That’s HUGE. Content is king but your list is queen of online marketing.

4. Frequency of posts is quite different on profiles vs. pages. It is suggested that optimized business pages post at least once a day. I have a lot to say so that points to the value of a page. Plus on a business page, you no longer have to be concerned about talking about business too  much.

5. The option to run ads. In an analysis of more than 60 Facebook marketing campaigns, 49 percent reported a return on investment of more than five times, while 70 percent had a return on investment greater than three times. Wow.

6. FaceBook clearly offers expanded opportunities to engage with ideal clients. It’s true that pages must be managed strategically to even be seen or noticed, but creativity can be rewarded by deepening your conversation and increasing your accessibility.

I would also like to add two more reasons:
  • Facebook also provides insights into your target market.  You can learn what days they are most often on Facebook and even what times of the day that they are on Facebook. This information allows you to schedule time to post during those days and times rather than posting throughout the every day.
  • It provides a stamp of "with-it"ness. Today, Facebook is the website to yesterday.  Once upon a time, if you did not have a website, you weren't a real business.  Now if you don't have a website AND a Facebook page, you aren't "in the know". 

So join the cool kids on the block and create your Facebook business page here. Then, come back and grab this awesome mini-course to get your page off of the ground.

Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lessons from a Former Teacher Part Three

Hey guys

In the last two entries, I talked about why 'A' students work for 'C' students.  Check it out here and here.  I would like to subtitle this one " 'A' students work for 'C' students and 'D' students work at McDonalds"

A few days ago, a Facebook friend, Luis Correa, posted this:

The way SUCCESSFUL people make a decision:
1. Ask for info
2. Look at info
3. Do a bit of research

The way UNsuccessful people make a decision:
1. Ask for info
2. Begin being skeptical
3. Look at info partially
4. Again more skepticism
5. Ask 10 questions that are already in the info that they didn't look at.
6. Ask family and friends (who are also unsuccessful) what they think.
7. Do no research
8. Put off to a later date(which is never)

CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE..this is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer...Its all on how decisions are made...REAL SIMPLE. EVERY successful person makes decision quick and logically, no emotions needed, realize its real ... So...Which one are you going to be?

Luis is speaking of our 'D' students.  These students want to do the bare minimum but want massive results.  They want 'A' student results but won't even put in 'C' student effort.  They are the students who have no hustle.  They fear disappointment so much that they rather not even try.  

They want easy.  They want fast.  They want a job at McDonalds or any other place that doesn't require much thought on their part.  And yet they desire a millionaire lifestyle.  

Since they are not willing to put in the effort to improve themselves, they do the next best thing-complain.  They complain that their job sucks and their boss sucks.  They hate their coworkers, their shifts, their off days, and their work days.  They throw pity parties about how sad their lives are but when faced with opportunities, they complete steps one through nine on Luis' checklist over and over again or better yet say "Oh, that's not for me." And to that I ask, "And working at McDonalds is huh?" (No response needed.)


Time for a little self-evaluation.  Are you an 'A' student, a 'C' student or a 'D' student?  If you are an 'A' student who wants a 'C' student mindset or a 'C' student who is ready to take it to the next level, step into my office. Connect with online and let's work together to make that happen.  

'D' students need not apply. McDonalds is still hiring.

Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.  

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lessons from a Former Teacher Part Two

Hey guys.  Please check out yesterday's blog entry before reading this.

I know I ruffled a few feathers with my last post...mostly 'A' students (just kidding).  No matter what side of the argument you are on, you must admit that the infamous educational model is flawed. I am referring to the model, actually an ideal, that is so very popular- the model/ideal that tells you to go to school, study really hard, get outstanding grades, go to college, graduate and get a good job. Let's face it; this model is seriously flawed.  It may have worked years ago but not now.  If this were not true, we would not have so many college graduates with student loans and low-paying jobs or no jobs or jobs not related to their degree.

I graduated ten years ago and have fellow classmates who are still looking for jobs their field  or have simply settled for something because they have financial obligations.  Then, there are others who have found the dream jobs but absolutely hate them because they have idiot bosses who have no idea what they are doing.  Raise your hand if this is you.  

How does this happen?  Why do so many people find themselves with these 'C' student bosses who continually get promoted to senior positions?  Robert Kiyosaki believes that " 'A' students learn to do a job, 'C' students ... learn about money."   'C' students learn how the game of life really works.  And this is what the 'A' student lacks.  I also believe there are a few other characteristics that 'C' students have that give them an advantage over 'A' student.

 Besides people skills and life skills, 'C' students:
  • have hustle.  They are not afraid to put themselves out there if it means they have a chance at getting what they want.
  • are fearless.  When they lock in on something, they can become unrelenting.  Even when they fail, they continue pushing towards their goals.  For them, failure does not mean their goal is unattainable, it just means their method/plan needs tweaking.
  • don't seek perfection.  They didn't seek it in school and it works to their advantage.  They don't wait for the "right" time to do anything.  They just jump right in.
This is what have helped the 'C' student surpass the 'A' student.  They gave the right mindset.  If you are seeking success in entrepreneurship, you to must have the right attitude and mindset ...  the 'C' student mindset.

Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.  

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lessons from a Former Teacher Part One

I know I talk about my family and being an entrepreneur but what you guys don't know about me is that I taught high school English for six years.  (Note: Don't judge me for any grammatical errors or my use of conversational English. Let's just have fun.). But yes, I taught high school English and yes, it is as bad as people say it is.  I won't say in what ways (yet) but just know that it is.

I recently ran across an article on Career Builder that stated that " 'C' students, research has shown, become the bosses of the 'A' students, run the world, and bounce back faster from setbacks." When I thought of George Bush being elected TWICE, I couldn't argue with that claim.

The author asserts that C students are more practical thinkers.  They learn more from the world than books. These were the students who questioned having to learn syntax and read Shakespeare.  They thrived on my class discussions and had no desire for dictation.  These were the students who considered going to college but couldn't really see the benefit of working so hard to get in, so they procrastinated and hustled their last semester to complete application packets.  They didn't study for tests; they shot straight from the hip (i.e. whatever they remembered).   For them, grades did not matter as long as it reflected they had learned something.  And this is what makes them the bosses of 'A' students.  They are ok with some failure and/or not being the best in school.

My 'A' students, like myself, were consumed with being the school. Everything taught in school was important.  They didn't question it because they were going to do it anyway.  If it was taught in school then it most certainly be important for life.

Though education does not guarantee success, it does grant you access to opportunity.  But I am also know that knowing the right people grants you access as well.  And while the 'A' student is engaging the text, the 'C' student is engaging people and finding out what makes them tick.  While the 'A' student is building molecular models, the 'C' student is building relationships.  In short, the 'A' student works largely in theory and the 'C' student works in reality and practicality.  Hence, the 'C' student knows how to manage people ('A' students) who build successful businesses for them.

Agree or disagree? Let me know what you think below.

 Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why I Started This Blog

Yet again, I'm up at midnight writing this blog entry. "Why?" you ask.  Because I had my hands full today...literally.  I held a teething baby in one hand and my smartphone in the other.  Even now, I'm typing with one hand because I'm holding a sleeping baby in the other.  I'd rather type with one hand at midnight than not type at all and rock a cranky four month old.  I'm sure my parent readers can relate, which is one of the reasons I started this blog.

I want to connect:

  • with other stay-at-home parents out there. That way we can share our experiences and know that we aren't alone in this parenting thing.
  • with my work-from-home parents and share what I've learned about working from home and starting a business; I hope you share as well.
  • With my stay-at-homers who want to be work-from-homers.  This blog is for you too because you really can earn an income on Facebook.  I will be talking a little about what I do here as well.
So guys, be sure to subscribe to this blog and connect with me on Facebook so you will access to all the great information and opportunities I will be posting.

Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Facebook Marketing for Mompreneurs 101: Facebook Krusher vs FB Resurrection vs FB Fever Review

Hey Mompreneurs

It's 12:30 am my time right now.  I have got to write my posts earlier than this.  But as a mompreneur and new blogger, it seems like the only quiet/free time I get is after the kids and husband are asleep.  But I have to get it done- there goes my self-imposed deadlines again. I digress.

A few days ago, I stressed the importance of having a Facebook presence for your business.  Here's why. Have you seen H & R Block's "Get Your Billions Back" campaign?  They say that Americans missed out on billions of dollars by doing their own taxes last year.  That's the same way I feel about businesses without a Facebook page.  You are leaving money on the table.  There are over 150 million people on Facebook.  That means there are potentially 150 million customers you are not connecting with.  Whoa!!!

I recently read an article about business and Facebook that stated that most businesses that don't engage on Facebook either don't see the importance of Facebook or don't know how to use it effectively.  Then, it dawned on me that some of you guys may be new to Facebook.  I never really thought about that before because Facebook is my life.  After all, I did create a business around it.  So for any of you who are new to Facebook marketing, I want to introduce you to three courses, that will take you from novice to expert in Facebook marketing.

Course 1: Facebook Krusher Elite

This course teaches you how to get started on Facebook.  It takes you from setting up your personal profile for personal branding and video marketing all the way through expanding your network- all while navigating Facebook's tricky algorithm.  You also learn the art of reverse prospecting, which allows you to turn a recruiter into your prospect.

Course 2: FB Resurrection

Once you are comfortable with marketing on Facebook, this course shows you how to use a software to automate your marketing and save you time.  I must, however, stress that you must already know how to market effectively before trying your hand at automation or you won't be successful.

Course 3: FB Fever

I have never seen a course like this before.  This course takes marketing to the next level and shows you how to utilize Facebook to create several streams of income from Facebook not including your primary business.  Since you learned how to market effectively for free in courses 1 and 2, it's now time to put your money where your mouth is and use Facebook ads.  And FB Fever even shows you exactly how to do that with very little money.

As you can see, each course builds on the last one.  If you are ready to learn how to market effectively on Facebook and ultimately increase your income, then click the course titles to get started.  You can also comment below of you have any questions.

Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Facebook Celebrates 10 Years

Facebook turns 10
As a mompreneur who makes her living on Facebook, I would be remiss not to mention Facebook's 10th birthday.

Let's celebrate by playing a game of Remember When:
  • Remember when Facebook was called "The Facebook"?
  • Remember when you had to be in college to get an account?
  • Remember when you status started with "<Your name> is..."?
  • Remember when you became fans of pages? 
Comment with your own "Remember when"

Then, take a look at some cool Facebook facts.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Mompreneur News: Facebook Launches Paper App

Hey my mompreneurs.  It's Mompreneur Monday so I wanted to share some info with you guys that may help with your business-particularly online.  And since FB is my office, I am a firm believer that your business should have a presence on Facebook. 

But if you're not a fan of Facebook's trendy look and fast-paced timeline, Facebook has launched an alternative app today for iPhones called Paper.  Slate Tech blogger Will Oremus  says the app is "trying to appeal to the people who want less of the random updates about their friends cats and babies, and maybe more of what their friends are talking about that's in the news or what's happening today that's in their area of interest. "

If, like me, you check Facebook as part of your morning routine as if you were reading the daily paper, then you should check out this app.   Paper combines the aspects of Facebook and apps like Flipboard in a slicker, more professional "newspaperesque"  platform and enables you to create your own newspaper with selections of sections to choose from including business, world news, sports and food.

Section content is gathered by Facebook's own editors and the app's algorithm that scrapes public Facebook posts.  So you not only get current news, but also Facebook news.  Yes, you get to work and play at the same time.  For a girl/mompreneur like me, this is a dream come true.

Here take peak and leave your thoughts about the new app in the comments below 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Plans for February

Comment below or on our FB page and let me know what your goals are for February.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Meet the Blogger

Hi guys

I'm originally for New Orleans.  I moved to Houston to pursue a masters degree and teacher certification at Rice University which enabled me to teach high school English for six years.  And boy did I hate it (minus meeting a few awesome students and nice coworkers).  If you read my previous post, then you know that I quit my teaching job and  focused more attention and time to educating on my then two-year-old and new business.  It was then that I caught the mompreneur bug.

I found a passion for business and working for myself and had NO desire to return to a 9 to 5.  Since then, I began an online t-shirt shop for my sorors of Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc. and have launched an Internet/social media marketing business.  And now, I'm trying my hand at blogging.  So you can say I know a little about business and working online.

Working from home, particularly solely online, has afforded me the opportunity to work from anywhere there is an Internet connection (i.e. grocery store, car, doctor's office).  I won't lie and tell you it's been a piece of cake because it is still a job and you have to be determined and disciplined to be successful.  But it is a job that allows me to sleep in, to work from my bed when it's cold out, to work at night while the kids are asleep or while I'm nursing my newborn (like now) and to not work at all if I don't want to.   And best of all, I don't have a crazy boss to answer to....unless you count my husband. Just kidding.

Enough about me.  Comment below and tell me a little about you. Are you a stay-at-home parent or spouse?  Are you open to working from home as well?  I'd love to know more about the people who actually give my little ole blog the time of day.