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Friday, February 14, 2014

What Side of the Equation are You on?

Robert Kiyosaki Cash Flow Quadrant
Today, my husband and I had the opportunity of begin a 3-day intensive Rich Dad training.  Rich Dad is an enterprise comprised of financial workshops, webinars, trainings, and mentorships.  If you have any desire to be totally debt free AND financially free (yes there is a difference) then it is imperative you attend these trainings.

The basis of all trainings is the concept the company's founder, Robert Kiyosaki, created called The CASHFLOW Quadrant (see diagram above). According to Kiyosaki, there are four different types of people in business.  In order to eventually become debt free and financially free, you must first understand where you are on the quadrant and understand that you cannot stay where you are and gain freedom; you MUST move.

Divide the quadrant into left and right and you will see that the persons on the left are the workers and the right side are the bosses.  Ninety-five percent of the population is comprised of the workers and five percent of the population is comprised if the bosses,   The employees are the folks with a 'D' mindset and our self-employed person are our 'A' mindset folks.  Essentially, they do the same thing, they exchange their time for money.  The only main difference is that employees have jobs and the self-employed own their jobs.  In other words, the self-employed are not waiting for so one to create or take away their jobs.  They do NOT have people telling them to risk their lives for money.  This is where employees should aspire to be.  Now the self-employed, like myself, should aspire to become a partof the right side of the quadrant and own more than just their jobs.  This is where you'll find your 'C' student.

Instead, they own businesses and money.  This is how you begin to create wealth. You grow and aspire for more.  As a big business owner, you no longer own a job, you own other people's jobs and  proven systems like McDonalds franchises or MLM businesses.  As a big business owner, you have the opportunity to hire those 'A' students so thar you can become an investor where your money controls all the other quadrants and creates an income for you.    

So which side of the equation would you rather be on: the side that exchanges time for money or the side that exchanges other people's time, talents, money and knowledge for money?

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Until my next post.... I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.  

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