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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free Toolbox Review Part 3

Thanks for coming back for this final installment of the Free Toolbox Review

We've already covered:
  • the payment structure/compensation plan
  • payment methods
  • cost
  • how to get customers and/or business partners
Now let's talk about some of the benefits.

Free Toolbox Benefits
  • Banner system to market other business to your FTB business partners
  • Capture pages (at additional cost) to assist with marketing FTB 24/7 Webinar System, Built in Email system to email your team, Team Build function, free courses, conference calls and live webinars, a professional website and members area and customer support

How FTB Complements Other Businesses
  • Fundraising- FTB can be used as a fundraising option for a primary business or start-up.  You can use the 5 levels as donation options with a different recognition/prize associated with each.
  • Feeder Program- Overcome the money objection to your primary business with FTB.  It will train new recruits, help them earn start-up capital and "feed" them straight into your primary business.
  • Multiple Streams of Income- You may love your job and/or primary business but want to make a little more. 
  • Lead Generation- You can market FTB as a means to gather leads for your primary business.  This method helps qualify prospects because you get to see their efforts and skills and determine if you want to introduce your primary business to them without them ever knowing they were being pre-qualified.
So far, this has been the easiest business to earn income with.  Low one-time start-up.  Continued support.  Lead generation.  Feeder program. Training.  Check it out for yourself here.  Contact me via our contact form here or comment section below for any questions you may have.  If there is another business you would like me to check out for you, comment below as.

Until my next post, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Free Toolbox Review Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my Free Toolbox Review.  Here's a little refresher of Free Toolbox if you forgot.

How Are You Paid
Free Toolbox Payment Methods are the following:
  • Check ($3 withdrawal admin fee)
  • Chase Bank Quick Pay  ($3 withdrawal admin fee)
  • Bank Wire ($25 fee)
Funds are available for release a week after they are earned.  You must have at least $25 in earnings before you can request a withdrawal of funds.

How You Acquire Customers and Business Partners
There are several ways to get your six customers or business partners in your business center.
  1. You can market your business training to six small business owners and network marketers who need help growing their business.
  2. You can market your business training to six aspiring business owners.
  3. You can market your business training to two aspiring business owners who then market it to a total of 4 business owners, network marketers and/or aspiring business owners.
  4. A combination of the previous three methods.
  5. You can get spillover (credit) for customers of your upline (the business partner who helped you get started with FTB).  This method usually does not happen often and should be considered a bonus rather than a sure way to get your six.
  6. The company hosts weekly conference calls and webinars to explain the business to prospective business partners.
  7. The company is international so you can acquire customers from anywhere that accepts FTB payment methods as long as they have a credit card for payment.
Gotta go for now. I have a teething baby to attend to (the joys of motherhood).  In my next post, I'll cover how this business complements other businesses and the other benefits of the program.  In the meantime, get started here.  It's too easy to pass up.  Until then, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.