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Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Must-Haves of a Successful Entrepreneur

If you read my post on the Cashflow Quadrant, then you are familiar with the four different types of people.  If you recall, the major difference between employees and specialists/small business owners is that specialists/small business owners OWN a job.  We don't have a boss who pays off.  We are our own bosses and we pay ourselves.  At times, this is a blessing and a curse.  And this is why you need two things to be successful: determination and support.

If you are not a go-getter, either you soon become one or you will give up. As a specialist/small business owner, you are responsible for everything- marketing, customer relations, social media relations, bookkeeping, etc.  And there are no paid off days.  Days that you don't work equals days you don't make money and in some cases, lose money. Consequently, you need to be pushing and making moves ALL THE TIME.

When there are days that you feel like you can't go any further (and you will have those days), you need your support team. It is also essential that your spouse/significant other is in your corner because sometimes they are the only ones who know exactly what to say or do to get you back on track.  It is so important that your person is on board that I would say that you may want to reconsider your business venture if they don't believe in it.  When you person is not in your corner for Day 1, then they will be a no-show when you have those tough days.  They may even encourage you to quit. And if you don't have an incredible amount of determination, you'll have two battles to fight: one with yourself and the other with your spouse.

I do not intend to discourage you from owning your job.  I just want to prepare you.  I don't want to paint the picture that life in the (S) quadrant is all beautiful.  In fact, it may be downright ugly.  But it does has its rewards.  Before you make any moves, I encourage you to consider if you have these two essential pieces of this entrepreneurial puzzle.  And if you don't, work on that.

Until my next post, I wish you peace patience and prosperity.

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