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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Marketing on a Budget

Hey guys.

You've been reading my posts on why and how to market on Facebook (if not, here's one).  And I hope you've taken heed and taken advantage of the free marketing.  But for those of you who would like to do some offline marketing on a budget, here are two things to consider: business cards and post-it notes.

Business cards are so convenient and be placed anywhere.  I like to leave my card with my tip at restaurants and outings.   I leave them in bathrooms on the sink.  I even leave them on shelves in grocery stores next to items that my target market is likely to purchase.  I also make sure I give clients at least two cards (one to keep; the rest to give away).  Vistaprint is the perfect place to shop. You can get 250 for about $10.  Right now, if you use this link, you'll get a $10 coupon for becoming a customer.

Another tool is the post-it note aka the mobile ad. Post-it notes are so convenient because they can go literally everywhere and easier to hold on too.  Did I mention they are cheap.  You can purchase a custom stamper for Office Depot or Vistaprint and apply it to a packet of post-it notes.  You want the information on your stamper to be brief and include contact information as pictured above.  You can also purchase custom post-it notes online.  I purchased custom notes to include my company logo so that they are more eye catching plus I am all about branding my business.

The next step would be to place your notes in high traffic areas: gas stations, Redboxes, ATMS, bathrooms, laundry mats, mailboxes.  The key is strategic placement.  You don't need to saturate one place with your mobile ad; one or two will do the trick.  Those who are interested will take it.  Those who are not will leave for the person is.  Win/win.  You can check out more post-it tips here and.

I also found this great article on marketing here.

You can even take a picture of the business card or post-it and post it on Facebook.  (Yes I had to sneak in Facebook.)

Until my next post, I wish you peace, patience, and prosperity.

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