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Monday, February 3, 2014

Mompreneur News: Facebook Launches Paper App

Hey my mompreneurs.  It's Mompreneur Monday so I wanted to share some info with you guys that may help with your business-particularly online.  And since FB is my office, I am a firm believer that your business should have a presence on Facebook. 

But if you're not a fan of Facebook's trendy look and fast-paced timeline, Facebook has launched an alternative app today for iPhones called Paper.  Slate Tech blogger Will Oremus  says the app is "trying to appeal to the people who want less of the random updates about their friends cats and babies, and maybe more of what their friends are talking about that's in the news or what's happening today that's in their area of interest. "

If, like me, you check Facebook as part of your morning routine as if you were reading the daily paper, then you should check out this app.   Paper combines the aspects of Facebook and apps like Flipboard in a slicker, more professional "newspaperesque"  platform and enables you to create your own newspaper with selections of sections to choose from including business, world news, sports and food.

Section content is gathered by Facebook's own editors and the app's algorithm that scrapes public Facebook posts.  So you not only get current news, but also Facebook news.  Yes, you get to work and play at the same time.  For a girl/mompreneur like me, this is a dream come true.

Here take peak and leave your thoughts about the new app in the comments below 

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