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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not going to happen this time: Lessons from Atlanta's stranded snow survivors

Though there are many lessons to be learned from the Atlanta snowpocalypses Leon and Pax, the most important one is to have a Plan B (and C) for creating income for yourself and your family. I only pray that everyone affected had enough money to adequately prepare for this storm.  I also pray that no one was forced to choose between life and making a living this week.

If you are snowed in today, have a 'C' mindset or truly want a 'C' mindset and need a plan B for snowy days like today, take the first step to start working from home/ online via social media today.  Click here for information on how to get started.  Again, 'D' students need not apply. McDonalds is still hiring.

**Do not click above if you are only curious..  If you are not determined to work and win TODAY, then wait until you are.  This saves both of us time and money.**

My day is pretty full today but I am always willing to make time for anyone who is willing to work today.  I can't wait to meet and chat with you today.  So let's go.

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