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Friday, January 31, 2014

Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. In That Order.

In the past six years, I have been blessed to become a wife, a mom and an entrepreneur.  And for the past six years, these have been the most important jobs that I have ever had.  They pretty much consume my life.  At this very moment, I'm bathing my four-year-old, consoling a cranky newborn all while trying to finish this blog entry before midnight (my self-imposed deadline).  I promised myself that once I started this blogging thing, I would be consistent. And to up the ante, I joined a blogging challenge (NaBloPoMo- National Blogging Posting Month).  And this is how I get myself into trouble.

See, I often find myself in sticky situations because I put self-imposed timelines/deadlines/pressure on myself.  I'm not the girl who tries to compete with everyone else; I'm the girl who is constantly competing with herself.   I HAVE to be my very best.

I was the new wife cooking and cleaning every day before the hubby got home.  After my first son was born, I was the lady with fresh baked goods on her dining table just in case we had visitors. When people would ask how I was handling being a new mom, I would gush "I just love being a wife and mom."  Guys, I had become addicted to being the best wife and mother. I even quit my job because I felt like I wasn't investing enough time into my two-year-old's education.  So there I was being super mom- reading books, practicing "Your Baby Can Read", buying puzzles, and googling activities.  After all, I was raising the next genius.

Then, I upped the ante yet again and went all in on the baking business I had started a year before that.  I attended business workshops, watched business-related webinars, designed a website, developed a marketing plan and looked for ways to beef up my design and baking skills.  Don't forget I still had housework and "wifely duties" to get done.  (See what I meant by "sticky situations"?) All because I strive to beat myself at my own game.  I often find myself setting and then changing the standard I have for myself.  I sometimes look around and think that I'm a  "Jack of All Trades, Master of None."

Have you ever felt that way? Comment below so I know I'm not the only neurotic person out there.

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