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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I apologize...but not really

Hey guys

I have been MIA for the last 3 days, so I guess I owe you 3 posts today.  It may be a little tigtt today but I will definitely get it done. My new philosophy in life is “If I can’t I must! If I can, I will! Failure is not an option!” I recently attended a class in which the instructor, Gregory Downing, gave us a list of what he called business plan agreements that included this agreement/affirmation. And even though getting 3 posts out today seems almost impossible, I most definitely will! That's why I don't really apologize; I'm making up for it today.

Another reason, I don't really apologize is because I've been spending some quality time with the hubster. This past weekend, we had the opportunity to lay the ground work for a potential stream of income. Though we have our individual business ventures, we believe in this business as it encompasses our family values and it is a business venture that we can build together. We're extremely excited about this.

Not only did we embark on a new business venture this weekend, but we also spent some quality time together. My husband works a lot so there are days when we may only spend a few waking minutes together. And believe me. I would miss 2 months of blog posts if I had to chose between spending time with him or blogging. Spending quality time with your spouse is really important in a marriage. Speaking on the phone is great but there is NOTHING like being in their presence.

As a matter of fact, close this blog window and go cuddle up with that special someone. You can read this blog another tomorrow morning. Before you go, check out my handsome husband below. Comment below if you would like to book him for a shoot.

Until next time, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

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