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Monday, July 21, 2014

How to pay for school supplies and school uniforms

Hey guys

It has been a while.  My head has been buried in the sand and I'm working like crazy with Mommies Who Want More.  In fact, I just took my head out to share this post and back in the sand it goes.

As you know, I have two sons.  My oldest will be starting formal school in August (he's been homeschooled since he was two).  I'm an emotional wreck about it too.  While I'm sad that he won't be around throughout the day, I'm excited that he'll make new friends and have his own new experiences.

Well, as most of my couponing mommies know, the back-to-school season has begun.  A lot of stores are putting their summer items on sale to make room for school-related items.  Now is the absolute best time to shop for both.  This past weekend, I bought two flotation devices for the kids for less than $7.  We live in Houston, so these things will get some good use until about November-maybe even December.  Every year, I usually pick up a few school supplies as fillers when couponing.  But now that I have a school-aged child, buying school supplies has become a priority rather than just a deal.  And I now see how expensive it can be.  And I am so glad I have a Netspend card to cover the cost.

Last summer, an internet marketing friend referred me to Netspend's free $20s referral/rewards program for new customers.   When you sign up as a new cardholder and load your free card with $40, Netspend will reward you with an additional $20 on your card for free.  In addition, you are eligible to refer this program and get additional $20s for every person you refer to this cool program as well.  As a result of becoming a cardholder and sharing this with my other mommy and entrepreneur friends, I have been able to earn $80 so far with this program!!! Even if you don't share this program with anyone, you get $20 just for being an active card member.  WINNING!!!

To order your card and become eligible for $20s for back-to-school shopping, go HEREFill out the form and wait for your card to arrive.  Once it does, I suggest using PayPal to load your card since it's free.  Well gotta go.  Comment below if you have any questions.  Talk to you soon.

Until my next post, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity. 


  1. As a Mom and small business owner I appreciate getting information about ways to save money! Cheers to back-to-school savings!

    1. Cheers Cynthia. Now let's get shopping. Do you have any kids in school?

  2. Guess, the whole internet thing has made our lives easier.

    1. I'm not sure what you mean. Could you explain?