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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Investing Isn't For Me

Just for kicks, I reached out via Facebook to a young lady who was employed with Family Dollar and asked if she would be interested in starting her own business. Indeed, she was. She was very interested in the business after I gave her a short overview so I invited her to a call my business partners were conducting later that night for further information.

After the call, I followed up with her. She said that she was no longer interested. She said, "I don't see me in an investing business. At first, I was on sure of what she meant because my company is not an investment company. After further discussion, I learned that she meant that did not want to invest her money in order to start a business. Well, I'll admit, I laughed because what lucrative business can you start without investing money? Sure I had ways to overcome this objections but it wasn't worth it. She was an "E" and was rather comfortable there. For her and other "E"'s, having a business sounds nice but wasn't her life's burning desire. So there was no use in overcoming her objection by telling her about our alternative fundraising option to help with the start up costs. There was no use in reminding her dreams and goals in relation to her present minimum wage job at Family Dollar.  She wouldn't get it. She was an "E".  She was not the future "B" I was looking for. 

This experience reminds me of two things: the necessity of exclusivity and the nature or network marketing.  As a business owner, you must be selective with who you introduce your business to.  They have to have the mindset and desire of a business owner before they ever become one.  If not, you'll waste a lot of time with people who will quit and hurt your business.  Mike Dillard writes:

The sad truth, is that most people in this industry did not buy a business, they bought hope. And hope is never backed by true desire.  Hope is for the undecided... Don't get frustrated. 80% of people who join you will never sponsor more than 1 rep or customer. Most people simply don't have the desire at a level of 100 to accomplish their goals through their new business. They just bought hope in order to quiet that little voice inside them that keeps nagging them to make a change. Once they buy the business, and they don't make $1,000 in 5 days, they can then justify their fear of change with the "logic" that it just "didn't work", and that they knew it was a scam to begin with... This is especially true with opportunity seekers."

See, my Family Dollar friend was a hope-seeker which explains why she was so interested prior to the call.  But when faced with the reality of what she was required of her, she backed away.  She has looking for an opportunity but did not have a desire to truly pursue it, which again shows the importance of selectivity.  We must be truly committed to building a business rather than making a quick buck. And when were are, we will not have to worry so much about the 80% because that number will be nonexistent and we will not have to worry about overcoming objections or naysayers or hope-seekers.

Until next time, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity. 

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