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Sunday, April 6, 2014

4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Have

1. Business Cards
If you read my Marketing on a Budget  article, then you know how effective these can be.  These are your mini billboards that travel with potential clients and current clients.  They advertise how you can help and the avenues by which they can contact you.  Check out Vistaprint. (Use that link and get a $10 coupon)

2. Website
In today's technological world, a website is your stamp of validity.  In a consumer's mind, your business does not exist if it doesn't have a website.  Furthermore, your business is not a legit business if it doesn't have a well-crafted website.  Remember your website is a reflection of your business and is usually the first impression a potential client gets of the company.  If you are unable to afford a web designer, I suggest creating one through Wix.  Their templates are very sophisticated compared to other free website templates.   I created a site there for my baking business 

3. Customized Domain Name
If you use a free website hosting company like Wix, you need a domain name.  If not, your web address will be a sub domain of the wix site (i.e. and that reads as low-budget or unprofessional. And though you may be on a fixed budget, you don't want a potential client t.  o know that.  My favorite place to buy domain names is Go Daddy because I can usually google a coupon code to get a name for 99 cents.

4. Social Media Presence
Customers, clients and prospects must be able to connect with you on a social level. If they cannot, then you will not be the cool kid on the block.  Of course, I recommend Facebook for various reasons (see here) but I also recommend started with the social media platform that you are most comfortable with.  Create a schedule on how often you with post and engage and what content you will post.  

Hope this was helpful.  Until tomorrow, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity. 

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