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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mommies Who Want More

In my last post, I told you guys that I had decided to dedicate my summer to helping other moms.  Since that post, I went into overdrive in creating a 90-day system for moms who want to own a business.  Now that I think about it, I wouldn't call it a system at all.  It's a boot camp; it's an all-out plan of attack on their finances to get them making  six figures a year by the end of summer.  I call this system/boot camp Mommies Who Want More. 

I am only working with women who are ready to wage war on their finances no matter what it takes.  I am in the process of selecting the seven women who I will be working with closely this summer.  Though I would love to work with every mother, I am a mother too and only have so much time to allocate in a day.  So seven is my max.  I am being very selective.  These moms have to be ready to take action.  I'm not looking for women whose decision to start the system/bootcamp is dependent on what the system is or what the business is.  Questions like those let me know that they're not in the right mindset to really do whatever it takes to succeed because let's be honest, if you are serious about being successful, you will do whatever it takes to make it succeed- no matter what the business is.  You don't have to love make up or coffee or weight-loss supplements to be successful. 

You just have to have the vision and the fire to be successful to market your business.  I know a young lady who loves makeup and signed up for a new make-up marketing company but hasn't succeeded with the business.  She doesn't have the vision or fire.  That's not who I am looking for.  I am looking for moms who have a fire in their bellies for something greater for their families than they have now.  That's it.  Everything else can be taught.  Passion can't.

I am super excited to get this going in June.  I will definitely keep you posted.

Until my next post, I wish all my moms, peace, patience and prosperity.

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