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Friday, May 30, 2014

Free Toolbox Review Part 1

Peter Wolfing has done it again.  For those of you who don't know Peter Wolfing, he is responsible for creating businesses to help moms and entrepreneurs create multiple streams of income online for the past 20 years..  Free Toolbox is no different. 

This business can be a companion to any business you currently have or can be your very first business.  Free Toolbox provides 101 ways to market your business and generate leads.  So you can get into the business and learn how to grow this very same business and me successful. It is designed to allow users to see results quickly.

And the start-up fee is ridiculously low-- only $48.75.  Most home-based businesses today cost at least $100 ($99.95) to start.   Even if you cannot afford $48.75, you have the opportunity to start for as low as $1.25 and work your way up the five levels of training to get to $48.75.  Starting at the lower level only limits the amount of training you have access to which can affect your income so start where you are most financially comfortable.  I am personally helping moms get the first three training levels currently priced at $11.75 for $5 if they contact me via Facebook here.

How You Earn

There are 5 trainings levels called business centers each with a different cost:
Level 1: $1.25
Level 2: $2.50 + $1 one-time admin fee
Level 3: $5 + $2 one-time admin fee
Level 4: $10 + $3 one-time admin fee
Level 4: $20 + $4 one-time admin fee

You are paid every time you acquire six customers and/or business partners on a level. 
Free Toolbox Compensation Structure

The payout is as follows:
Level 1: $5 - $1.25 renewal fee
Level 2: $10 - $2.50 renewal fee
Level 3: $20 - $5 renewal fee
Level 4: $40 - $10 renewal fee
Level 4: $80 - $20 renewal fee

So if you have six customers and/or business partners purchase all 5 levels of training, then you earn $116.25.

Watch this video on compensation.

Stay tuned for my next post about how to grow this business.  If you're interested in getting started right now with this great program, you can join here.  You can also comment below if you have any questions before getting started.  Until then, I wish you peace, patience and prosperity.

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  1. This is an interesting concept that I hadn't heard of before. Thanks for sharing.